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High Stakes In Elections...court Call?

Legal battles are being fought this week on two fronts, dragging the National Elections Commission in a legal wrangle over the recent National Referendum which failed to win the votes of Liberians.

On one front, the Liberia national Union (LINU) and the National Democratic Party (NDPL) have filed a petition for a Writ of Prohibition against the NEC before the bench of the Supreme Court of Liberia for the two thirds of the registered voters, voting in the referendum, retired by Article 91 of the Liberian Constitution had not attained as to all the of the four propositions.

Simultaneously, the NEC is facing another court battle in the wake of a writ filed Tuesday by Counselors Varney Sherman and Fred Cherue, Senior Senator from River Gee County.

This pair filed a Writ of Prohibition with Supreme Court against the National Elections Commission, seeking to declare null and void Article 1.1 of the July 21, 2011 Resolution issued by the national Elections Commission as it is inconsistent with and contrary to general principles of law on the computation of votes in an election.

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