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Let�s Go For Cleaner Elections

The campaigning for next month’s presidential and general elections has entered a crucial stage with candidates making frantic efforts to garner enough support for their political objectives which are power and wealth.

The ensuing election is proving to be hot as contestants continue to unveil their platforms for public scrutiny. It’s all about seeking more votes and political gladiators are making overtures in order to win support.

But there is a gradual seeping in of certain undemocratic tendencies in the run up to October 11. Threats of violence are being reported and unfriendly utterances of political aspirants are being heard. But we ask that these should not be allowed to cause disruptions; for such undemocratic behavior in an age of sweeping change points merely to the backwardness of those who are still allowing themselves to be led by the nose.

The global wind sweeping through the world calls for sober reflection for all Liberians whose preoccupation should go above how to sit glued to determine the fate of the majority.

As October 11 draws nearer, we have to accept the fact that elections are a contest of ideas; not a forum for physical violence. As in sports, outcomes must determine the losers and winners, who then come together to celebrate the sustenance of the game. Losing in any contest therefore enhances, not diminishes, the overall game.

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