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Unity Party̢۪s Splendid Display Of Political Maturity
Monday 19th September 2011

When Liberians resolved that the path to democratic governance was the surest way forward, it was about ensuring the survival and the strive to put this newest civilization into perspective.

For the first time in Liberia’s political history, no crowd has been pulled ever since 1985 when the country awoke to the dawn of a new era. On Saturday, September 7, 2011 the ruling Unity party brought the nations’ capital to a standstill. It was well coordinated and properly organized.  No amount of sophistication was required to appreciate the extent of maturity infused in the organization.

But one thing came clear throughout the mammoth event, Liberians from all walks of life had gathered in commitment to the party they all endear. They trooped from all corners of the country to prove to the good people of Liberia that their party is indeed the true life blood of the country.

The UP has proven critics, who have been holding unto the mentality of dominantly pulling crowd wrong. The mass mobilization of the UP to brig thousands onto the streets has changed the streets.

The National Chronicle
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