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Hailing Ecowas̢۪ Position On 2011 Elections
Monday 19th September 2011

In an address to the media in Monrovia Wednesday, September 14, 2011, the head of ECOWAS Commission indicated that ECOWAS will stand by Liberia in its quest to conduct free, fair and transparent elections as the regional body remains a major player in the peace process in the country.

Victor Gbeho, who is part of a visiting delegation of ECOWAS in the country, said ECOWAS has invested a lot in Liberia and will not watch things fall apart.

According to him, the Commission is in the country to assess the political situation in the country that would subsequently inform the judgment of ECOWAS as whether Liberia is prepared for free, fair and transparent elections.

While underscoring the need for Liberians to uphold and sustain the current democracy in the country, the head of ECOWAS is keen on ensuring that Liberia’s democracy survives the October 2011 Elections.

We welcome the comments by the head of the ECOWAS Commission because they are timely and prudent.

We think ECOWAS’s position on the path leading to the 2011 elections are in the, right step, and therefore, must be encouraged by all Liberians, particularly the political actors.

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