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Let Us Heed Ecowas' Warning!
Wednesday 21st September 2011
Weeks ago, leaders of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), worried about the crucial and major democratic elections to be held in the country shortly, alarmed over what they called possible threats that may inspire insecurity in the sub-region. The regional body, which has played major roles in Liberia’s recent history of inveterate civil wars and was largely credited for initiating the current relative peace and supporting its sustainability, uprightly avowed that it has invested too much in the nation’s recovery process and would not sit and see things decline.

The ECOWAS warning coincided with the reported government’s decision to request the presence of additional regional security forces, probably Nigerian riot police who would help boost the maintenance of security during the nation’s first democratic and constitutional post-war elections already marked with tensions and apprehensions. The decision, as often the case in this political setting where judgments are customarily influenced by sentiments, has been politicized by many politicians and greeted with skepticism in many quarters. Critics of the government’s proposal, as evident in recent arguments in the street corners, point out to alleged calculated attempt by the current government to rig the elections and therefore employ these armed men to cling unto power.  Contrary to the critics' claim, the government has persistently stated that it would ensure that these elections are conducted in a free, fair and transparent manner.  

However, others questioned the cost of maintaining such foreign force when the resources could be invested in building the capacity of the state army.

Why these arguments and other concerns may be reasonable, it is clear that the situation in the country is still fragile and an attempt to ignore security would be a potential cause for chaos.  A resounding example is the recent attack in Ivory Coast, by mercenary groups, said to be operating from Liberia, in which 15 persons were reportedly killed.  It is unarguable that a region like ours, ravaged by years of bloody civil wars and coup d’état in which arms were smuggled and war muggers  and mercenaries still roam, yearning for the least chances to squander and plunder, is vulnerable. 

We highly acknowledge the ECOWAS' warning of insecurity. Hence, we will support any reasonable recommendations, efforts and measures, in the framework of the laws that are intended to enhance our security and save the country from returning to the path of war and violence. We call on fellow citizens to follow suit.

V.P. Boakai Satisfied With UP's Launched Campaign In Monrovia 
Apparently touched by the huge turnout at the launch of the ruling Unity Party’s campaign in Monrovia last Saturday, Liberia’s Vice President Joseph N. Boakai Sr., has expressed gratitude to all partisans and well-wishers of the ruling party who made it their duty to be part of the campaign launching ceremony.

Speaking in Monrovia on Sunday, September 18, Vice President Boakai said he was especially impressed by the huge turnout by the youth.

He noted that the massive turnout by the youth is a testimony that they appreciate what the Government is doing for them.

He added that the turnout is also an indication that the ruling party will be given another mandate to continue its aggressive development agenda.

Meanwhile, Vice President Boakai at the head of an eight-member delegation departed the country on Sunday, September 18, for the United States on a ten-day visit.

While in the United States, the Vice President is expected to address the 50th Anniversary of the Peace Corps Volunteer Service and the United Nations General Assembly on September 26.

He is expected back in Liberia on Wednesday, September 28.

Members of the Vice President’s delegation include: Honorable Gbehzongar Findley, Senior Senator, Grand Bassa County, Honorable Samuel D. Page, Member of the House of Representatives, Grand Bassa County and Mr. Samuel A. Stevquoah, Chief of Office Staff, Office of  the Vice President.

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