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A Very Bad Sign, Mr. Weah
Wednesday 21st September 2011
On Monday, September 12, 2011 George Weah, vice presidential candidate of the Congress for Democratic Change and its standard bearer, Winston Tubman, traveled to Ganta, Nimba County to launch their campaign. On arrival with terrific speed a vehicle in their convoy accidentally hit a pedestrian, seriously wounding him.

Instead of immediately addressing the situation by making sure his aides helped the bleeding victim to the nearest hospital, Mr. Weah was busy watching to see whether a press photographer would capture the scene of his camera.

The swift and efficient photographer of the New Democrat, Boimah J. V. Boimah, did not disappoint. Minutes later, while the victim still lay bleeding, George Weah called out to the photographer and demanded that he ‘delete’ the photo he had just taken, “or else I will have my men do it”.

Mr. Weah demonstrated that he had no respect for truth, and strongly believes that if truth is expose, it must be covered up quickly, or else.

In behaving the way he did, Mr. Weah showed clearly for all to see, that he has dictatorial tendencies, that he has no respect for human dignity, and that he most certainly has no regard for the Constitution, which guarantees personal freedoms.
If Mr. Weah does not change his ways, he has no business running for any thing in this democratic country.

Daily Observer
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