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The Altercation Is Enough
Thursday 22nd September 2011

Every day since the commencement of the campaign period, there have been series of claims and counter claims of foul play from contesting parties. There have also been threats of repercussions from some of the opposition parties in the event that they lose the October elections. One begins to wonder what must have brought about the current unhealthy nature of our democratic process. There are series of reasons to conjecture for our current state of our political dispensation.

One has to do with the freedom of speech currently prevailing in the country after long years of pent up feelings and criticisms of past governments which, from fear of arrest, torture and imprisonment, people harbored.  Another must certainly be due to the inexperience on our part about how true democracy works. Yet another may have to do with alleged denial of the use of public facilities by concerned authorities.  

Currently the CDC, is accusing the government of denying them the use of SKD Sports Complex for their political activities. In the light of these developments, there is a lingering feeling of insecurity during the elections especially after the results have been announced.

We pray the situation will not degenerate into unrest.

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