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What The Supreme Court Referendum Ruling Means
Thursday 22nd September 2011

The Supreme Court has overturned the Elections Commission’s recent calculations in determining the total votes cast in an election.

According to our interpretation, the opinion of the Supreme Court on Tuesday indicated that invalid ballot papers resulting from invalid markings during voting shall not be included as part of the total votes in an election.

In other words, the total number of voters who would be considered as legal participants in an election will not include those who marked their ballot papers invalidly.

The Supreme Court’s opinion came to light when it was made to hear a case emanating from August 23rd referendum in which the Elections Commission included invalid votes as part of the total votes cast, thereby impacting the result of the referendum, which has to do with Proposition four calling for ‘simple majority’ not ‘absolute majority’ for a candidate to win a legislative seat.

Henceforth what this means also is that invalid votes shall not be included in the total number of votes cast during national elections. And this is final and the law.

It can only be hoped that in the future this law will not be reversed to suit certain interests.

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