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Nec’s Hidden Double Standard
Friday 23rd September 2011

Competitions, doubtless, political competitions are always arranged with neutral bodies defined with roles to check rules while the players play. In an electoral milieu, they are no more called referees as deemed in athletic games, but rather elections Commission implying that such should govern political parties in elections. In our won scenario, the NEC is a constitutionally created commission whose members must play exhausted neutrality in conducting elections that will bring forth a government deemed by the people as legitimate. The NEC’s qualification of all the sixteen aspirants for the presidency is what we see as double standard, if not a quid pro quo incident.

It is now a glaring fact that the clarification by NEC of the sixteen presidential aspirants was not done de jure, but an attempt to compensate the clarification of Madam Sirleaf and few others who could not meet the ten year residency clause under the sham of avoiding violence and altercations.

For us, purchasing the kind of formula used by NEC as a way of dodging violence for a force able political unification is in itself a formula which might just be a Frankenstein in the near future.

 In our view , for now, we assert on NEC to repent as it is never too late. Today’s injustice is a threat to tomorrow’s justice.

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