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Beware Of High Tides And Rough Currents

With barely two weeks to the holding of presidential and legislative elections throughout the country, various variables continue to come into play by political institutions, alongside  heightened precautionary measures been put into place to ensure that an enabling environment maintains throughout the period.

Whilst some have chosen to conduct opinion polls on the political climate based upon targeted groups and institutions, others continue to judge the climate by campaign statements delivered by candidates, with the electorate remaining quite sensitive to their ongoing plights that can be reversed out of practical actions.

Sensing how the electorate have now become quite conscious in exercising choice, void of violence and other inimical tendencies, Liberia could well be on its way to making a mark that would be representative of its people’s desire to economic recovery within a very peaceful and stable environment.

Fervently as we therefore seek the blessings of God who has over the years restored peace and stability to the land, receiving the full support of the international community, togetherness is all that we expect as total defeat to Satan who continues to detect then prevalence of a democratic atmosphere that invites continuing national growth and development.

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