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Heeding Advice Against Violence
Wednesday 28th September 2011

All the stakeholders in Liberia’s forthcoming elections have a responsibility to ensure that the polls are violent free and post elections atmosphere is peaceful, harmonious and conducive to the coexistence of all Liberians, irrespective of party or regional differences.

While we are waiting for the October ballots and some hearts are beating fast from fear of election violence, one thing that is clear to all that there is only one outcome to all free, fair and violence free elections and that is “the country wins”.

As the clock ticks closer to the appointed day, we think certain important stakeholders should be identified and reminded about some steps each need to take to instill the confidence that elections will be violent free or peaceful.

NEC must remain prompt in giving citizens all relevant information to enable them vote constructively and without hindrance.

Liberia’s international partners must get involved in engaging the local stakeholders to ensure that peace prevails during these elections. It is better to strive hard to prevent chaos by proactive measures than make peace after the destructive violence.

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