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Protect Our Democracy
Wednesday 28th September 2011

It is now becoming glaring that utterances emanating from some opposition quarters are in no way harassing the nascent democracy of this war ravaged nation.

For too long the Liberian people have been victims of circumstances created by ruthless politicians who craved for power at all cost regardless of the consequences.

Recent statement made by some politicians regarding the democratic process are scaring and has the propensity to derail the political process and slip the nation into another round of vicious circle of violence, but we plead with you to think and rethink from where we come.

Politicians and well-meaning Liberians must begin to protect their nascent democracy by denouncing all forms of violence as the nation and its people prepare to go to the polls come October 11, 2011.

We should not forget as a nation, what the turbulence and setback the civil war caused us. We must learn from our past experience and tackle those things that were the reasons for the bloodletting.

So let us all work immensely and collectively to help protect the country’s nascent democracy by not making obnoxious statements at this critical time of the nations’ history.

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