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Holding To Your Words
Friday 30th September 2011

At the end of a two day conference on Media Ethics and Conflict Sensitive Reporting, Liberian journalist reaffirmed their commitment to uphold the principles of good journalism as they cover the ensuing legislative and presidential elections.

In a five count resolution which was released at the end of the conference, the media practitioners agreed to report in the interest of public rather than individuals or focus on only political actors during the period.

We hail the journalist for reiterating their commitment to good journalism and professionalism especially during these crucial times when Liberians are gearing up to go to the polls to elect their leaders in a democratic form.

While we hail the journalist for this statement, we also want to caution them to be very serious about what they have said and written by implementing every letter of their statement because when they fall short of this commitment it will be very disappointing to the public and even our international partners as the media is the conduit of the society that is being referred to as the “Fourth Estate”.

Let us as journalist take clue from these comments made by the ECOWAS leaders who just ended a visit to Liberia that the media must not be involved in anything that has the propensity to disrupt the hard- earned peace that Liberians have yearned for over the years.

The Inquirer
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