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Everyone Must Preach Message Of Peace
Monday 3rd October 2011

With less than 11 days to the holding of legislative and presidential elections in Liberia, many Liberians are eager to cast their votes, especially the ones who will be voting for the very first time.

There is also much enthusiasm among Liberians for these elections, as the country gradually moves on the path of democracy. Many of our international partners are also watching to see how we conduct ourselves in the elections.

While there is much zeal and enthusiasm among well-meaning Liberians, friends and partners, there appears to be some evil intent by some who think the only way to solve any issue is through violence.

In the last few weeks, a number of youth groups and non-governmental organizations organized several stakeholders’ dialogue aimed at getting Liberian politicians to make a commitment to a free and non-violent election in the country.

Sadly only two presidential candidates were present. In some quarters, there are fears by some businessmen and ordinary Liberians, given the utterances coming from some politicians and their supporters.

Given these, we call on all politicians who are aspiring for state power to be careful in their utterances. We also call upon them to preach to their supporters and partisans that the war in Liberia is over and the country is well on its way to full recovery.

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