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Let These Elections Be Clean
Tuesday 4th October 2011

Reports of statements attributed to the Standard Bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change, CDC, that a CDC led government would put a halt to civil liberties and Press Freedom is worrisome.

While we don’t want to play the judgmental card in this unfolding controversy, we want to call on the CDC and Cllr. Tubman to come out and clarify these statements.

For too long, journalists have suffered under tyrannical regimes and many have bled and died fighting for free expression. Statements like these should not come up by a man like Cllr. Tubman, a diplomat and a former employee of the United Nations body that is at the forefront of promoting human rights and the dignity of the person. Every Liberian including the unborn ones is tired of war.

Upholding the rule of law and respect for human dignity will always be a cardinal part of good governance. We commend messages of condemnation of these statements of violence from all sectors including the America Ambassador Linda Thomas Greenfield.

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