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Renewing Our Call For A Violent Free Election
Tuesday 4th October 2011

Political campaigning has intensified over the past three weeks across the country as the D- day (October 11, 2011) comes closer than ever expected. Every politician seeking votes is now combing his or her constituency to put finishing touches to previous appeals for votes from the electorates.

To date, the campaigning has not seen any marked incidence of violence, which everyone is being warned to refrain from before and after the elections. Many high level politicians, including presidential candidates, have already launched their campaign devoid of incidence.

The show of maturity by all side of the political divide is the product of the desires of Liberians of all walks of life to live in peace and take part in a democratic process intended to move the country forward.

We strongly believe that true democracy cannot exist in a chaotic society. A society where a person’s right to exercise his or her franchise is disrupted by imposed violence.

We also call on all stakeholders to ensure that the election is free, fair and transparent.

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