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Peaceful & Transparent Democratic Process Is The Best Way Forward
Monday 10th October 2011
On Tuesday, October 22, 2011, registered voters beginning at 8AM will exercise their democratic franchise by freely electing leaders of their choice.

It is expected that on Elections Day, Liberians from all walks of life will peacefully assemble at various polling centers and soberly cast their ballots to vote for the candidate of their choice, in an election free of violence and molestation.

According to the National Elections Commission, there are a total of 1,798,930 registered voters expected to participate in this year’s presidential and legislative elections in the country. There will be 73 representatives, 15 senators and a president and vice president to be voted for by eligible voters. There are also 1,780 voting precincts and 4,457 polling places.

We believe a peaceful and transparent election is the best way forward in nurturing our nascent democracy.
Therefore we encourage all voters and the entire citizenry of Liberia to denounce violence during the legislative and presidential elections and allow these elections to pass under a peaceful and stable atmosphere.

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