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Liberians Must Continue To Keep The Peace
Monday 10th October 2011
Liberians will on Tuesday go to the polls to elect the national leaders, as the campaign closes without any incident, let all Liberians try to keep it calm as the D-day is just a stone throw away.
As president Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has said: “As a country, we have seen and experienced too much: Our people have suffered, our people have died, and our people have had to run way in order to survive.”
We don’t want to go back, Liberia has gone through so much, the people of Liberia has gone through so much, they cannot continue to be kept hostage by politicians.
We are appealing to all politicians in this race to refrain from making inflammatory statements during and after the polls.
We applaud the vice standard bearer of the Congress for Democratic Change, for his plea to his partisans to keep the peace.
The entire world is now watching Liberia all is now said and done and Liberians must to keep the country safe.
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