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Resolved To Move Forward
Thursday 13th October 2011

As the clock ticked and Liberians counted the minutes leading to the conduct of Tuesday’s polls, there was a lot anxiety all around.

The last day of campaigning saw supporters of the two main political parties; the Unity Party of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Congress for Democratic Change of Amb. Winston Tubman, on the edge of a clash which led to the police to create a tight buffer zone between two groups.

On Election Day it was different, Liberians conducted themselves in a peaceful and orderly manner waiting patiently to exercise their democratic franchise in long queues under heavy downpour of rain.

This is an indication that Liberians have resolved to move forward and as the counting progresses and Liberians patiently wait for the results we urge all to continue to conduct themselves in a peaceful manner.

We then join the ECOWAS Observation Mission led by Prof. Attahiru Jega in commending the people of Liberia for the level of maturity exhibited during Tuesdays’ polls. Bravo Liberians.


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