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Accept The Results, The People Have Spoken
Monday 17th October 2011

October 11 was a day of history making in Liberia as voters stood in long queues to exercise their franchise in voting into office candidates of their choice.

The candidates were granted three months of campaigning in explaining to the electorate’s their plans for the next six years when elected into office.

On the overall the campaign was rated by electoral observers and pundits as being successful with high degree of political tolerance exhibited by opposition leaders and supporters as well as supporters and leaders of the incumbent party.

The electoral process so far has been d declared peaceful, void of many irregularities as compare to previous elections and the just ended National referendum which was characterized with many irregularities from the Commission.

While we are aware that no election is error free, we would like to congratulate the National Elections and all partners for their hard work so far exhibited in the conduct of this year’s election. We appreciate the Commission for the great job done in correcting all of the abnormalities that characterized the just ended National Referendum.

Now that the electorates have spoken, we call on all candidates, their officials and supporters to graciously accept the results of the process. We know that in every election, there must be winners.

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