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Let The Malcontent Trouble Shooters Beware
Monday 17th October 2011

We must first stress in no uncertain term that the peace of Liberia is very important and far bigger than any person or political party’s interest, as such; the Liberian people will not take kindly or tolerate any body attempting to jeopardize the high earned peace of this country.

It is being rumored that certain malcontent troubleshooters  who are always bent on moves to drag this country into crisis have once again ganged up to ferment any round of violence as the election results put incumbent Ellen Johnson Sirleaf far ahead.

There are reports that certain unscrupulous and ill intended individuals from certain political parties who are feeling and smelling defeat are in sighting their parties members to jump on the streets with violence under the purported guise that the election process is not transparent and fair.

We think such pan is diabolical, unpatriotic, criminal and unprecedented and further speaks to the true content of these individuals that they are anti peace and want to acquire power through violence and not through the democratic means.

The Parrot
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