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We Condemn The Arson Attack
Monday 17th October 2011

Some partisans of the governing Unity Party of District 6 in Paynesville woke up early Saturday morning to hear that their party’s office was razed by fire. Several officers from the Forensic Department of the Liberia National Police were deployed in the area and some of them entered the burnt building with their detectors to establish the cause of the incident, but up to press time, it was not yet established as to who masterminded the burning of the office.

Such an incident does not only cast a dark cloud on the political culture of our country, but paints Liberians black in a time when the country has just completed the democratic elections that attempt to lift Liberia among the comity of nations especially those practicing democratic tenets.

At a time when hundreds of international and local election observers are hailing the peaceful minas by which the elections was carried out, such an ugly act must be condemned in the strongest term.

The Inquirer
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