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Runoff News Evaporates Opposition Boycott Threats

Few hours after the National Elections Commission signaled that a runoff election is imminent on November 8 because no political party could get 50% plus 1, 8 political parties that claimed that progressive results announced so far as 'flawed and fraudulent' unceremoniously dropped their claims.

Their swift withdrawal indicates a lack of concrete commitment by those parties that were surely wooed by the Congress for Democratic Change, which needed a rallying of diverse voices to fight this political battle.

 As the CDC leaders repeatedly vowed not to accept any results other than the outright victory, to shatter its mindset they convinced these parties, mostly those having 1% and below, or otherwise seen as spoilers, to join an opposition protest against results from the first round of voting.

Apprehensive that a knockout could be announced for the Unity Party by the Elections Commission, since the percentage for the UP swelled over that of the CDC, its leader Cllr. Winston Tubman suddenly rallied the spoiler parties, to join an opposition protest against results from the first round of voting.

Now an interesting actor introduced in the political process has focused public attention on Nimba County. Senior Senator Prince Johnson plans meeting Nimba citizens on Wednesday for his endorsement of UP candidate, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the runoff.
 This new development coupled with the level of Sirleaf's fans in Nimba, might definitely influence the trend of the November 8 runoff election involving the ruling UP and opposition CDC.
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