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Preparing For The Runoff
Thursday 20th October 2011

National Elections Commission Chairman James Fromayan yesterday announced the latest results in the October 11 presidential and general elections. According to the results, the incumbent, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of the ruling party, maintained her lead in the presidential race, which stood at 43.9%, compared to Cllr. Winston Tubman, standard bearerof the opposition Congress for Democratic Change, who gained 32.7% of the total valid votes cast,.

Chairman Fromayan disclosed that the final results of those elections would be made known next Tuesday, October 25. The Constitution requires that in the event that none of the presidential candidates attain 50 percent plus one of the ballots, a runoff election should be held in the second Tuesday following the announcement of the final results.

A considerable amount of work has to be done between now and November 8. This means that everybody, the National Elections Commission and the two political parties contesting the runoff, must get real busy doing what they have to do in preparation for the poll.

The bulk of the pressure is on NEC.The political parties too must get busy.

 We would like to place particular emphasis on the poll workers of each party. They must be competent, serious, sober and faithful to their task of watching everything going on in each polling station and, most especially, the counting.

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