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Accept These Elections Results With Honor
Thursday 20th October 2011

After months of intensive campaigning since July about 1.7 million Liberians on October 11 went to the polls to exercise their constitutional rights to elect their leaders including the President and vice President as well as members of the 53rd National Legislature, who are expected to address the aspirations and need of the people.

The October 11 polls is the second internationally recognized democratic elections to be held in the country since the cessation of civil war in August 2003 following the conclusion a fragile ceasefire deal and the subsequent signing of a peace accord between the former warring factions in the Ghanaian capital Accra, followed by the 2005 General election which brought the Unity Party led government to power.

We hope that whosever is elected to the Presidency will be guided by the constitution and follow the fine example of the incumbent, President Johnson Sirleaf, to run a respectable and accountable government, an environment devoid of harassment, human rights violations, greed for power and wealth among others.

Finally we at the New Vision want to use this medium to congratulate all voters, political parties, candidates and independent candidates especially the National Elections Commission for the good deportment demonstrated during these elections throughout the country.

New Vision
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