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Still Not Understanding Politics
Friday 21st October 2011

Liberia, on October 11, underwent a democratic exercise praised by the local and international communities.

Despite the peaceful manner which Liberian voters conducted themselves in casting their ballots, as well as the praises which he characterized such conduct, a number of political parties chose to demonize the process during the announcement of the results with the statements inimical to peace and stability.

Whether or not their October 15 statement was well calculated, it may have had the propensity of instigating violence, especially their call for a mass meeting of their supporters on Sunday, October 16.

Among the nine collaborating political parties denouncing the results ‘null and void’ was the National Union for Democratic Progress.

Just 24 hours following the statement, Senator Johnson ‘backtracked’ declaring a formal support for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf of the ruling Unity Party in the November 8 run off presidential elections.

Of course the Senator’s decision and action received sharp reactions from his political allies, including the Congress for Democratic Change and a few others in Monrovia.

It is actually saddening to realize that with all of the local and international political education and experiences, Liberian politician and their key supporters have undergone for years, they are yet to understand what politics entails.

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