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Intensive Civic Education
Monday 24th October 2011

As the first round of campaign for the 2011 presidential and legislative elections has officially ended with a relatively sizeable number of recorded invalid votes, it is evident that not enough civic education took place prior to balloting.

In about two weeks, we will again go to the polls for a re-run to elect a president to steer the affairs of state for the next six years. In our limited attempt in this limited time to lend support to the civic education, we present to our readers an editorial we carried in the middle of the year.

There are two keys words that the candidates in particular and their supporters in general should be particular about in order to avoid conflict between expectation and result; they are campaign and ballot. Because of their importance to the conduct and results of any election, they shall be defined and discussed separately.

Campaign, when used as noun, means ‘a series of things that you plan and do in order to achieve a particular result, especially in business or politics. But when the word is used as a verb, it means ‘to do things publicly to try to achieve a particular result, especially in politics’.

We therefore appeal to politicians and their supporters to ensure that this time around, and in view of the high number of invalid votes recorded during the first round of voting, they should use the greater part of the short time left for the runoff to conduct intensive civic education.

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