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Nimba Demands Too Much
Monday 24th October 2011

The people of vote rich Nimba County, home of National Union for Democratic Progress, Standard Bearer Prince Y. Johnson are reportedly making huge demands from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in order to give her their votes in the November 8, 2011 runoff presidential election.

Among others, Nimba County is demanding exclusively 30% representation in government, US$30,000 per each district to launch the UP campaign and to allow the NUDP to spearhead the UP’s re-election bid in the country.

The demand followed Senator Prince Johnson’s recent declaration of support for President Sirleaf in the pending second round of polling and his subsequent holding of discussions with traditional leaders back home, including the chiefs, elders, women and youth groups to buttress his political choice.

We all know that politics is interest, but for a particular county or group of people to demand exclusively 30 percent space in the government besides other things at the disadvantage of other less populated counties is a dangerous precedent that could revert this country along tribal and factional lines.

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