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Curbing Perceptions Of Elections Rigging
Wednesday 26th October 2011

Just days before Liberians cast their votes in the runoff elections to decide the fate of the two remaining candidates left in the presidential race, the National Elections Commission, the body tasked with conducting the process is faced with numerous challenges, the most important being to ensure that perceptions of vote rigging and ballot tampering are diminished if possible, eradicated.

The concern comes in the wake of a FrontPage Africa investigative report showing numerous missteps by the NEC during the first round of voting.

We are not sure how these missteps missed the eyes of the international observers but we feel strongly that in the interest of the current NEC, it will be important for the NEC to take preventive measures to ensure that nothing sinister occurs during the second round that would give reason for opposition to raise questions and eyebrows.

We are not suggesting anything sinister occurred during the first round, but we are concerned about the numerous perceptions out there.

It’s crucial for the NEC to leave no room for questions or doubts by making sure that ballot stations are guarded properly and the transfer of ballot boxes are inspected and monitored by international observers and representatives of political parties.

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