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Too Many Errors
Friday 28th October 2011

Given the caliber of people serving on the National Elections Commission average Liberians would think that “elementary mistakes” were going to be minimized, especially at this crucial time when the country has embarked on concluding a conduct of its second post war democratic presidential and legislative elections.

In high esteem, we hold NEC as a reputable institution responsible to umpire the process of electing leaders of our civil authority in the post-conflict nation.

Unfortunately, it seems the pivotal role of the Commission has often come under a reckless performance which has continued to overshadow the good deal of the entity aimed at helping to sustain a democratic culture after 14 years of devastated war.

We are obliged to express great disappointment over simple and major mistakes crucially being made at the Commission which justifications usually remain laughable but create the condition of incomptence and lack of resposed confidence in the leadership to ably handle a ree, fair and credible electoral process.

Without hesitation, we applaud the Commission and its staffers for having superintended several legislative by-elections to the likes of the people with little or no noise.

However, we hasten without malice to recall the mistake made by the Commission during the conduct of the National Referendum on August 23, 2011 when one figure was used for ‘yes’ vote and ‘no’ vote for judges retirement age proposition, which NEC Chairman James Fromayan claimed was harmless error at the time.

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