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How Do Ordinary Liberians Feel About The Process?

"CDC boycotting the run-off is not in the best interest of Liberia". "It will only impede our emerging democracy. I think they should reconsider their decision, because in every race or competition, there must be a winner and a loser. And if the loser does not accept his/her defeat, then s/he is not strategizing to gain victory in the future. However, the best leadership option for Liberia now, is the UP team", says Mr. Roland Barlea of Harper, Maryland.

"CDC wants to boycott the Run-off because of fear of defeat and disappointment. Their plan is a weak plan for contemporary politics. Even though I am going to cast my vote for the UP but my action is not being influenced by Madam Sirleaf. I am only putting Liberia first because Pres. Sirleaf is the best person to lead for now.  Therefore, I am urging all Liberians to vote with their conscience and not the conscience of some so-called politicians". Mrs. Lydia Johnson, an RN of JJ Dossen Hospital added.

"CDC boycotting the run off does not mean anything to Liberia.   For me, I am a supporter of Mr. Prince Y. Johnson--- so, I am therefore supporting the party that he is supporting in the Run-off" says Dedesco Gweh, an Environmental Technician of Maryland County Health Team.

"The boycott of the runoff will undermine Liberia's Democracy. They think that NEC did not do well in the first round and that world was not treating the process fairly. Joseph Lepolu and Annie Kollie vowed not to vote while James promises to vote for Ellen.

Although any result from the runoff will be endorsed by ECOWAS and the international community, Annie Kollie and Joseph Lepolu said it was important for the CDC to be a part of the process.

As for Jame Dolo, "with and without" the CDC's participation, the election will still go ahead and there will be no instability.  

  The election has been billed as a chance for the country to cement its fragile democracy eight years after the end of a long and savage conflict that left some 250,000 people dead, and the international community has condemned the boycott.


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