Violence Incidents
AFL Soldier attacked by demonstrators
Monrovia | 30 Nov 2011 09:38:33
9:38AM The Justice Minister - Christiana Tah announced among other things that an AFL soldier was wounded and his vehicle damaged by demonstrators today in the Congo town area. She spoke as she addressed the Press during a press conference held at the Ministry of Justice few hours after the demonstration quieted down. However, she did not further lament on the current condition of the soldier. According to her, she want the press and Liberian people to know how violent the demonstrators went to cause the National Security to have taken a different approach towards the demonstrators but condemned the shooting of unarmed civilians.
Unconfirmed Report of rape during rally on 7th Nov.
| 30 Nov 2011 05:23:52
5:23AM CDC claims that two women were raped last week on Nov 7th amidst the violence of a rally gone awry. They said the rapists were "security forces". These reports have come from other sources outside of the CDC as well, but none have been confirmed.
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