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Hate Speeches and Insults used to Campaign
Lofa | 01 Sep 2011 09:06:25
9:06AM According to reports from Lofa County, within the period of July 20th through the 30th 2011, many parties who visited the county behaved well. Unlike for the Liberia Reconstruction Party whose Standard bearer, Dr. M. Cecelia Ndebe was constantly insulting the Unity Party Standard bearer, Madan Ellen Johnson Sirleah on local media in Foyah and Zorzor. Her posters carried a provocation message which states that "No more Ellen, vote for Dr. Ndebe for President." Some of the posters were taken down violently by some unknown persons in the various districts she visited. On the other hand, the Unity Party posters still carry annoying messages like: "MONKEY STILL WORKING SO LET BARBOO WAIT SMALL."
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