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Last Updated: 22 May 2014
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Veteran UDF member resigns
Working United Democratic Front (UDF) executive committee member, Harry Thomson, has announced his resignation from active politics.

Thomson, who has served UDF for 17 years and stood for parliament in Chikwawa North, said his resignation is not related to the results of the may19 elections.

Neither is it related to his failure in Chikwawa North, he said.

“It is based on principal. I want to give chance to young blood,” said Thomson.

UDF National Chairman, Bakili Muluzi, said last week the party was now strategizing on having young blood.

Muluzi, who congratulated Bingu wa Mutharika well before announcement of electoral results by the Electoral Commission, has since withdrawn his appeal over the eligibility of a president who has already served his two constitutional years and wants to come back. The Malawi constitution provides for a maximum of two consecutive terms.

Thomson said he has retired a happy man, having seen the UDF grow. He declined to comment on why he had retired a “happy man” when the UDF had performed miserably in the elections.

But UDF spokesperson, Robbie Jammieson, has called for some discussions over Thomson’s decision saying- if it were an issue of taking a breather by Thomson- the party was ready to give him some “three months” rest- other than accept his decision to quit altogether.

Thomson has recently become too closer to Muluzi, to the effect that they have been seen to travel in one vehicle during public meetings, including at the inauguration ceremony of Bingu wa Mutharika.


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