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African Elections Project coverage of Malawi's elections ended in 2009. Please visit www.africanelections.org for elections updates
 Quotes: "The sudden assertion of human criteria within a dehumanising framework of political manipulation can be like a flash of lightning illuminating a dark landscape - Vaclav Havel"
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Political Parties
AFORD     Alliance For Democracy
About AFORD Parliamentarians Election Results
Presidential Candidate

Mr. Dindi Gowa NyasuluMr. Dindi Gowa Nyasulu
Alliance for Democracy --AFORD- Dindi Gowa Nyasulu:

He was born on August 3, 1944 at Luwichi along the shores of Lake Malawi in Rumphi district in the area of chief Mwamlowe
He is the eighth born child in a family of nine. Only two children are alive
He married Enabel Nyasopela Mwafulirwa
He was baptized at Chitimba into the CCAP family
He started formal education at Chiweta Primary School before he moved to Chitimba Mission where he complted his Standard Six
Later he went to Livingstonia Secondary School up to form four then moved to the then Dedza High School now called Dedza Secondary School or popularly known as Box 48 where he wanted to do forms five and six
But government opened University of Malawi and that led to the closure of forms five and six and some of those to go into forms five and six opened the new university at Chichiri in Blantyre
Because of passion for sciences, Dindi went to Blantyre Secondary School to complete his High School.
After completing Form six with good results in sciences, in 1967 he left for the USA where in 9171 he graduated with a Bachelors of Science degree in engineering from the University of Washington
He joined the Ministry of Works as a civil engineer for 15 years
In 1976, he went back in class at Birmingham University in the UK where he did a master’s degree in highway engineering
He was prematurely retired from civil service in 1985 on political reasons
He left for South Africa at the invitation of the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research of Southern Africa to be technical manager from 1986 to 1996
During those 10 years, he scooped some awards from the institution’s Division of Roads and Transport Technology.
In 1990, he got the Director’s Award for Technological Excellence while in 1991 he received another Director’s Award for Marketing Excellence
He developed the interest in politics in South Africa and was at the centre of external wing of the Aford in the early 1990s
He resigned from his South Africa job and in 1997 he won the race to parliament for his Rumphi West constituency through a by-election
In 1997 he was incorporated into he National Executive Committee of Aford and in 2002 became the national campaign director
In 1999 he was chair of the Public Works Committee of Parliament
In 2003 he became leader of Aford in the House


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