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African Elections Project coverage of Malawi's elections ended in 2009. Please visit www.africanelections.org for elections updates
 Quotes: "The sudden assertion of human criteria within a dehumanising framework of political manipulation can be like a flash of lightning illuminating a dark landscape - Vaclav Havel"
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Political Parties
DPP       Democratic Progressive Party
About DPP Parliamentarians Election Results
Parliamentary Aspirants

Mathias Mulumba Evans Mwale - (Dedza Central)Dexter Deus Kanike - (Dedza Central-East)Hyacinta Palingana Chikaonda - (Dedza East)Symon Patience Kalanzi Mbewe - (Dedza North)
Lucy Chitenje - (Dedza South)Roshan Hamdan - (Dedza South-West) Laston Thawale - (Dedza West)
Bauleni Jimmy Manna - (Dowa East)Ewart Cara Gawanani - (Dowa Ngala)Sylvia MchereĆ¢€Banda - (Dowa North)
Hastings Petros Chitsamba - (Dowa South-East)Alexander Kusamba Dzonzi - (Dowa West)Ken Edward Kandodo - (Kasungu Central)
McJones Mzondi Mandala Shaba - (Kasungu North)Eugustine Gracewell Mtendere - (Kasungu North East)Grenner Nkhata - (Kasungu North North-East)
Barnet Ben Mataya - (Kasungu South)Bokosi G Khamba - (Kasungu South East)Otria Moyo Jere - (Kasungu West)
Shadreck Jonasi - (Lilongwe City Central)Lovemore K.B. Mtalimanja - (Lilongwe City North)Agnes Nandau Penumlungu - (Lilongwe City South East)
Edwin Bhagwanji - (Lilongwe City West)Harvey Thima Ndalama - (Lilongwe East)Grace Kalele Ghambi - (Lilongwe Kumachenga)
Angelina Mtima Chisanu - (Lilongwe Mapuyu South)Wilson James Phiri - (Lilongwe Mpenu)Anderson Mdzinga Mwale - (Lilongwe Mpenu Nkhoma)
Bintony Savings B. Kutsaira - (Lilongwe Msinja North)Hasten Mlinde - (Lilongwe Msinja South)Grace C. Mulangeni - (Lilongwe Msozi North)
Jackson Richard Mdyetseni - (Lilongwe North)Tedson Aubrey Kalebe - (Lilongwe North-East)Jean Kadzakumanja - (Lilongwe North-West)
Hetherwick Ntaba - (Lilongwe South East)Josephine Lucy Gompho - (Lilongwe South West)Ellen Thokozani Solomoni Chisale - (Mchinji East)
Annette Zinthambo Phiri - (Mchinji North-East)Joseph Maliseni Chikwapula - (Mchinji South)Francis Leobin Mussa Banda - (Mchinji South-West)
Susan Kakota Musa Namangale - (Nkhotakota Central)Chimunthu Banda - (Nkhotakota North)Daniel Liwimbi - (Nkhotakota North-East)
Christopher Bartholomew Sandram - (Nkhotakota South East)Stevin Stafford Kamwendo - (Ntcheu Bwanje North)Grandson Lucious Kanyumba - (Ntcheu Bwanje South)
Shadreck Assan Lipande - (Ntcheu North)Everton Herbert Chimulirenji - (Ntcheu North-East)Damson Chimalira - (Ntcheu South)
Victor Baudala sanjeni Songazaudzu - (Ntchisi East)Herbert Josiya Bimphi - (Ntchisi North)Geoffrey Henock Mbuzi - (Ntchisi North-East)
Benjamini Benzani Mangira - (Salima Central)Chrissy Verles Bwazi - (Salima North)Deriah Kankhwani - (Salima North-West)
Michael Makalande Chisenga - (Salima South-East)
Luwi Alinuwila Msongole - (Chitipa Central)Oliver Chiazamsoka Mulwafu - (Chitipa East)Aladin Nixon Masebo - (Chitipa North )P.K. Mwelekete Kalua - (Chitipa South)
Frank Tumpale Mwenifumbo - (Karonga Central)Vincent Winstone Ghambi - (Karonga North)Beatrice Kankhonde Mwangonde - (Karonga North West)
Chembe Glad Munthali - (Karonga South)Edith Alex Mabishano Mzoma - (Likoma Islands)Donton Samuel Job Mkandawire - (Mzimba Central)
Henri Mumba - (Mzimba Hora)Dr Bofomo Immanuel Nyirenda - (Mzimba Luwelezi)Goodall Edward Gondwe - (Mzimba North )
Patrick Akimu Mwanza - (Mzimba Solora)Benjamin Isaac Banda - (Mzimba South)Rabson Chihaula Shaba - (Mzimba South East)
Harry Mlekanjara Mkandawire - (Mzimba West)Prof. Peter Nelson Mwanza - (Mzuzu City)Symon Vuwa Kaunda - (Nkhata-Bay Central)
David Yohane Kaweche - (Nkhata-Bay North West)Eta Elizabeth Banda - (Nkhata-Bay South)David Kapenyela Mphande - (Nkhata-Bay South East)
Prof. Moses C. Chirambo - (Rumphi Central)Albert G.M. Doza Thindwa - (Rumphi East )Tasokwa Caseby Msiska - (Rumphi North )
Andrew S.L.J. Chifumbi - (Balaka Central East)Gertrude Hendrina Maseko - (Balaka North)Earnest Fatsani Malenga - (Balaka South)Nasrin Pillane - (Balaka West)
Menson Themba Mkandawire - (Blantyre City Central)John Francis Bande - (Blantyre City East)Jimmy Lupia Bruce Banda - (Blantyre City South)
Thomie Gowelo - (Blantyre City West)Gaffar Abdul Rashy Rashid - (Blantyre Kabula) Aaron Mpusya Sangala - (Blantyre Malabada)
Cecilia Emily Bwanali Chazama - (Blantyre North-East)Henry Dunken Phoya - (Blantyre Rural East)Juliana Nanyoni Mphande - (Blantyre South-West)
Ellos Ellard Lodzeni - (Chikwawa Central)Clement Karimu Khembo - (Chikwawa East)Mohammed Sidik Mia - (Chikwawa Nkombezi)
Joseph Tembo - (Chikwawa South)Kennedy Harrison Maluwa - (Chikwawa West)McTimes Pagonanji Malowa - (Chiradzulu Central)
Margret Roka Mauwa - (Chiradzulu North)Eunice Kazembe - (Chiradzulu South)George Namatumbo - (Chiradzulu West)
Laston Majola - (Machinga Central East)Jaffalie Mussa - (Machinga East)Davie Ronald Ngulinga - (Machinga Likwenu)
George Okoma Atani Kamoto - (Machinga South)Henderson Beaston Mleme - (Machinga South East)Victor Issa Malunda - (Mangochi Central)
Mabvuto Michael Mtitimila - (Mangochi Lutende)Cuthbert Burton Peter Bvalani - (Mangochi Malombe)Lucy Chaoneka Afiya - (Mangochi Masongola)
Faraih Dean Ngulumba - (Mangochi Nkungulu)Ali Allan limus Bwanali - (Mangochi North)Geoffrey Lifa Kaunda - (Mangochi North-East)
Jane Namalomba Kumwanje - (Mangochi South West)Milward Odala Chikwamba - (Mangochi West)David Richard Lupiya Luka - (Mulanje Bale)
Fraser Nihorya - (Mulanje Limbuli)Stephen Namacha - (Mulanje North)Cephasi Peter Nowa - (Mulanje Pasani)
Benson Bonongwe - (Mulanje South East)Dr. George Thapatula Chaponda - (Mulanje South West)Patricia Annie Kaliati - (Mulanje West)
Paul Lackson Zakaliya Chibingu - (Mwanza West)Gladys Benson Tembo - (Neno North)Reen Bessie Kachere - (Neno South)
Sam Ganda - (Nsanje Lalanje)frank Ellias Viyazyi - (Nsanje North)Gloria Ireen Ntopi - (Nsanje South)
Felton Mulli - (Phalombe Central)Ken Lipenga - (Phalombe East)Anna Andrew Namathanga Kachikho - (Phalombe North)
John Joswah Joswah - (Phalombe South)Harry Phiri - (Thyolo South)Kingsley Sostines Namakhwa - (Thyolo Central)
Anita Kalinde - (Thyolo North)Roy Commsy - (Thyolo South West)Mary Chisomo Thom Navicha - (Thyolo Thava)
Yunus Mussa - (Zomba Central)Grace Zinenani Maseko - (Zomba Changalume)Lonie Phiri Chijere Chirwa - (Zomba Chingale)
Callista Chapola Chimombo - (Zomba Likangala)Enock Elias Luka - (Zomba Lisanjala)Joyce Banda - (Zomba Malosa)
Ted Salule Masangwi - (Zomba Ntonya)Annie Lemani Singani Anambewe - (Zomba Thondwe)
Other Parties

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