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Ghana's election success to be spectacle for Africa - Gen Gowon

General Yakubu Gowon, former Head of State of Nigeria, on Friday said the success of GhanaƂ’s forthcoming elections would be a lesson for other African countries.
     He praised Ghana for its leading role in the nurturing of democracy in Africa, and expressed the belief that the country would score another victory to be emulated by other countries on the continent.
     General Gowon, is the Head of an Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Observer Mission in Ghana, to observe next Sunday's polls in Ghana.
     He was made the remark when the more than 200-member delegation met the Ghana Peace Council to learn of the Council and its activities.
     Gen. Gowon observed that Africa was still grappling with the development of democracy and called for the strengthening of democratic structures for effective development of democratic culture.
      Cardinal Peter Appiah Turkson, Chairman of the Council, re-emphasised the need for peace before, during and after the elections.
       He called for statutory provision that would separate party functions from state functions that usually had been a source for complaints against incumbent parties during elections.

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