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Togo opposition calls for mass protest over legislative elections delay

The presidency announced Wednesday that more consultations were needed over the reforms and suspended the April 20 legislative an…

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Togo postpones elections after new constitution row

Opposition parties have rejected the reform, fearing it could let President Faure Gnassingbé stay in power.

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Senegal’s Faye appoints ally Ousmane Sonko as prime minister

Speaking after his appointment, Sonko said he would present Faye with a full list of proposed ministerial appointments for his ap…

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Togo adopts new constitution allowing parliament to elect country's president

Gnassingbe -- in power since 2005 -- succeeded his father General Gnassingbe Eyadema, who seized power in a coup more than 50 yea…

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Nelson Chamisa: Zimbabwe opposition CCC leader quits 'contaminated' party

He said multiple people in his party had been bribed to undermine it from within.